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Our Woman of the week!


Whore of the World

Miriam was the whore of the class. Ore told Temitayo that, five years ago when they were in their first year. She told Temi because she knew that was her best bet to make the rumor spread. Temi could spread the secrets of heaven, if she knew them. There was nothing that could keep that girl’s mouth shut.

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Bride price

The next time Baba tells you 
the bride price is not to buy
a woman
but to show appreciation for her,
tell him you do not pay thirty naira
for a new pen every Monday morning
to show appreciation for it

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Number Thirty-Seven

I am number thirty-seven. I hear my number being called from the loudspeakers, more like a dull buzz than actual words, and I sit. The girls on either side of me have been seated for a while, though I don't focus on them enough to hear their numbers. Here, you are to focus on just one person, and it isn't even yourself. It’s the man calling your number.

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