The African Feminist Project Overview

The African Feminist Project is a 3 year (2019-2021) initiative that aims to properly document and share the histories, philosophies, practices and realities of African women socio-political action and African social movements in a way that is honest, educational and accessible. The African Feminist Project aims to produce movement-relevant resources for emerging and established young African women activists and organisers. Through research and collaboration with African women’s activists, scholars and other individuals, The African Feminist Project places the experiences of African women from all backgrounds, and the knowledge that we create through those experiences and our work in various fields, at the heart of social and political discussion.

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Our storymap is a participatory project that aims provide firsthand narratives of contemporary African women’s activism throughout the continent . Our immersive visual learning platform will enable anyone to engage directly with the voices of African women, navigating by region or country, as they share their perspectives on their struggles, strategies and successes. Together with women activists and our supporters, we plan build a visual and audio collection that documents our social movements as they unfold, to ensure that they are properly documented and represented in local and global histories.

Beginning January 1st 2019



Our team of scholar-activists and activist-researchers put together carefully curated collections of scholarly work and other sources, making it much easier for young African women, and anyone else who’s interested, to access well-researched, engaging and educational content related to the issues we explore. Collections will consist of an op-ed, reading list, our top recommended sources with descriptions and analysis and a program detailing what the collection is about, what it contains and recommendations how best to navigate it. Collections are intended to supplement our storymap and other content by contextualizing issues and providing avenues for deeper understanding.

TEAW releases 4 collections each year, centered on an annual theme. Our theme for 2019 is Resistance, Resilience & Reformation: African Women in Protest and Liberation Struggles.

Our first collection will be released March 2019.


Hold the Culture (Podcast)

Hold the Culture is a podcast dedicated to unpacking the complex, interesting relationship Africa women have with global and local cultures. Our hosts sit down with African women from around the world to talk about their lives and to share our powerful perspectives on a range of issues related to our experiences.

Beginning January 1st 2019