The African Feminist Project Overview

We are now welcoming applications for our team!

The African Feminist Project  (TAFP) is an initiative that aims to properly document and share the histories, realities and practices of African women’s  deliberate acts of resistance, resilience and their efforts to transform our societies. The project will feature collections of immersive visual stories about various African women-led movements from past to present. In addition, we will be creating toolkits to help emerging and established activists transfer their knowledge into enhanced social change and movement building strategies. Through research, communication and collaboration with activists, scholars, organisations and other individuals, this project aims to center discussion of critical human issues on the knowledge created in and by African women’s lived experiences, in a way that is honest, educational and accessible.

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Our storymapping project will showcase different African feminist movement actors across the continent. From organisations to grassroots efforts. It is a participatory project so anyone is welcome to contribute.

Beginning February 1st 2019



Our team of activist-researchers and documentarians work closely with African women activists, scholars and other individuals to creat immersive visual stories, allowing the audience to engage directly with the voices of African women to learn more about our collective and individual liberation struggles. Collections will also feature essays, reading & viewing lists and movement building toolkits for emerging and established young African women activists.

TEAW releases 4 collections each year, centered on an annual theme. Our theme for 2019 is Resistance, Resilience & Reformation: African Women in Protest and Liberation Struggles.

Our first collection will be released March 2019.