Unbound Submission Guidelines

If you an African woman who writes poetry, prose or any other form of writing, we’d love to amplify your voice!

Submissions are welcome in all languages spoken on the continent of Africa.

Who is eligible?

Through the Eyes of African Women is proud to support young women writers between the ages of 13–35. You must have African heritage, citizenship and identify as a woman to submit.

How to submit

If you’re a new writer, send a link to your draft (along with an introduction, your Medium username, and links to other previously published works) to publications@theeyesofafricanwomen.com. Please include your namenationalityphone number, links to any social media or websites you have and a short bio as part of your submission.

Note: we want your very best work, not your very first draft.

We’re looking for well-developed stories with a solid structure and a clear point or resolution. Although we want pieces to be personal and honest, if a submission is rambling, unfocused, it is unlikely we will publish it.

What to share

We are looking for thoughtful, compelling and imaginative pieces that draw on your perspectives and experiences.

Submissions may cover any topic or address any issue. However, we will also provide a theme and writing prompts for writers who would like to be considered for our downloadable publication which will be available through our main site . Submissions may also be considered for our quarterly publication regardless of whether you have intentionally written on the prescribed theme or prompts.